April 04, 2021

Tips on Affordable DIY Room Renovation

If you are itching to start a new project and are interested in getting into room renovation, the first thing you need to consider is your budget. Room renovation requires serious commitment, especially if you are planning to change your room’s theme. If you live in houses with excellent room cuts and expansive room spaces like Camella Calamba, you will have a lot of space to work with. If you plan to give your room a more sophisticated ambiance but do not have enough budget, there are various DIY room makeover techniques that do not require you to spend much.


Sticking to Your Budget for Your Room Renovation

When planning a room renovation, one of the main priorities is purchasing materials. Among the things that make room renovation expensive are the materials. However, there are affordable alternatives that offer the same level of comfort and aesthetics. Here are some tips you must consider following when starting a DIY room renovation:

  • Use self-adhesive 3D wallpapers. If you wish to add more patterns and textures to your wall, various aesthetically pleasing 3D wallpapers are available. 3D wallpapers come in many designs and sizes, providing you with wide options. They are also easy to install as you only need to remove the protective paper for the adhesive. 
  • Use vinyl flooring. If you want to change your flooring but do not have the time and money to remove and replace the tiles, you should consider using vinyl. Vinyl is self-adhesive and comes in many colors and patterns, allowing you to quickly find something that suits your desired theme. 
  • Use sand cement to cover cracks. Sand cement is used to fill the spaces between each tile. Sand cement comes in different variations and colors, making it possible for you to decorate your wall and flooring while patching up cracks. Sand cement can also be brought in small quantities, allowing you to save as much as possible by only buying the amount you need. 
  • Fix deteriorating shelves bookcases with black paint. Black paint is an ideal choice for those who do not have enough money to replace damaged shelves. Black paint is effective in concealing dents and cracks as they reduce the contrast between patterns. The color black is also often associated with elegance and sophistication, making it a practical option for those who want a contemporary ambiance.
  • Include indoor plants in your decor. Indoor plants are cheap and easy to maintain, making them one of the best options for affordable home decors. Indoor plants add a refreshing ambiance to the room, adding contrast to your corner spaces. 


When renovating your room, it is essential to know the necessary safety precautions, especially if you’re working with unfamiliar objects, to prevent accidents. Knowing the affordable alternative materials is ideal, especially if your room is already decorated and you just want a design upgrade. To speed up the room makeover process, you can also ask for help from your family or friends and take it as an opportunity to bond with them.

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